Blake Company isn’t just a Barbershop, it’s a brand, a message, a lifestyle. It represents hope and creativity. Lastly, it’s a beacon for making dreams into a reality because all it takes is… action.

Sam Britton

I founded Blake Company to be a shop for out of box thinkers and opportunists. I want to provide everything and more for my team, to help them grow into barbers bigger than they ever imagined, including myself. Blake Company was born to fill in the cracks within the hair industry such as content creation, morality and overall education. We constantly want to better ourselves as individuals and a team.

Blake Company. A New Era. I’m Sam, a Barber, and Owner of Blake Company.

I am a barber from the West Midlands, England who was quite literally born into the industry. Having both parents as barbers you would think cutting hair was my first career choice, but no, my heart was set on pursuing a university course. In other words, abandoning my creative dream. Whilst on my uni journey I was also in pursuit to find myself and realized I was much further away from who I wanted to be. Change needed to happen.

Spontaneously embarking on my journey into the barbering industry I began my career by working at my family’s barbershop, Brits Kenilworth. I took to cutting hair and running a business like bread to butter, you could say I was excelling rapidly. Being left with all this independence it was a sink-or-swim situation, thank god I packed my arm bands haha.

After my daughter, Blakely was born I began to see things from a different perspective, feeling more motivated and driven. Feeling these emotions gave me the courage to take a leap of faith and go into this industry, on my own. Saying goodbye to my family’s legacy was hard but essential to level up.

Blake Company isn’t just a Barbershop, it’s a brand, a message, a lifestyle. It represents hope and creativity. Lastly, it’s a beacon for making dreams into a reality because all it takes is… action.

Our Team


Hi, my name is Declan I have worked at Blake Company for a while, and it has been my pleasure to watch the brand grow and build, I have enjoyed every moment. I’m currently working part-time but every time I walk through the door just the thought of what Sam wants to achieve with his business inspires me to work hard and push ideas for the shop, the lads make a fantastic team and nowhere can compare to the love and compassion to the graft.


I’m Tyler also known as “thebarbertc” I have only been cutting for a few months after leaving my career in the motor industry behind. A friendly chat turned into a job interview and suddenly I was working at Blake Company full-time. The shop has already given me opportunities to become the best barber possible and has shown me what a true team can be. Together I believe we can grow immensely and become bigger than we imagined and this is only the beginning.


I’ve been barbering now for about 5 years and I’ve honestly loved every single step of the way. With this industry, it’s not just all about the banging trims, but it’s also the community you build with your clients that allows me to use my full creative freedom with my craft. With Blake Company I want to continue to keep growing within the industry, keep meeting amazing people, expanding my knowledge about the craft, and keep producing banging fades.


I’m Myles a 16-year-old aspiring barber who’s has been at Blake Company for 6 months now. My time here so far has been incredible, to say the least. I started barbering last year and I have fell in love with it ever since. When I first started barbering I was in a traditional local barber shop which taught me the basics but wasn’t where I wanted to end up. However, once I joined Blake company something changed. I became more motivated and found a true passion for being a barber. I have learned so much from being in the shop and I am eager to learn more.



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