is an independent magazine introducing the best hairdressers and beauty salons.
Our cooperation with the most famous brands in the fashion industry and famous hairdressers in the world is one of our good achievements.
If you are new to hairdressing, if you are a professional in your job, you want to make more progress, and if you want to register your brand and work independently in this profession, our team is by your side. Different solutions in the field of digital marketing can show you in this industry in a special way.
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THE BARBER TODAY is an international magazine. The current lineup of our ambassadors includes Joshua Arreola barber and barbering instructor and IDENTIFY brand owner from El Paso Texas / Mohsen Sadeghi, a barber and specialist in the production and installation of wigs from Tehran Iran / Joseph Ramirez, a barber and SMP specialist and owner of the ( flick of the wrist clippers ) brand from Florida, USA .


Jose Ramirez

Joshua Arreola

Mohsen Sadeghi

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