Mohsen Sadeghi

Mohsen Sadeghi started hairdressing in 2008 in the capital of Iran (Tehran). After receiving a degree in cinematic makeup from the Ministry of Culture, he set himself on the path of growth and development. After 2 years, he learned the design, construction, and installation of wigs professionally and became one of the professionals in this profession. By participating in the Beauty Word 2019 exhibition, he was able to meet the managers of the British Barber Company and became one of the performers in the British Barber competition in Dubai. With his brilliance in the exhibition, he was invited to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Brand Wall so that he could get acquainted with the company’s Middle East executives. This was the beginning of Mohsen’s cooperation with large companies.
Mohsen is still active in Tehran. If you go to Tehran, be sure to use his art.

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