Tony Valerio

I’m Tony Valerio and today I will tell you what has been and will be a little bit about me and my professional part as a barber, it all started when I was 15 to take this wonderful road just for fun, playing but I realized that it became love, love for what I was doing and then I began to put the grit in me, determination and constancy these three characteristics have always accompanied me in any path I have taken in my life without these things I would have lived in absolute monotony, I am a person who loves to fight for the goals that I set for myself and to achieve them I put in place the sacrifice the most important part is painful! I am an ambitious and concrete person at the same time, today I have been working in this wonderful world for 10 years and I have achieved various important goals such as having my own shop, but not only that I also have the possibility of being the official barber of some stars of the entertainment world like Fabrizio corona and many others, even some influencers! I also had the pleasure of being placed side by side with these people in some national and institutional magazines. This makes me proud and happy. My future? I will continue to pedal with my head down to reach new goals. Grit, determination, perseverance… everything!