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A conversation with Rosy Frontado Every successful person has a different story of failures and victories, the result of which is reaching the goal. Today we went to Miss Rosy Frontado in Madrid, Spain.

Can you introduce yourself to us completely?

My name is Rosy Frontado, I am 41 years old and I am Venezuelan. Dear Rosy, it’s better to start from the beginning, when did you realize you were interested in this profession, and where did you start, we would be happy if you share your story with us : day to put her whole life literally in a suitcase and pursue her dreams. I grew up in a very familiar environment with extreme values. They always taught me to fight for what I wanted, and above all to win things. I think the latter has been fundamental in my life. It allows you to appreciate everything around you more, and the value you give it is always much greater.I have always been a very restless and curious person, I can never be calm hahaha, and I think that counter, and start from scratch. It having migrated is one of the results. The best opportunities always come out of the crisis. And the socio-political situation in Venezuela was what pushed me to take the big leap. Reset the is not easy, but it does feel rewarding to make decisions of this type. They make you more resilient and brave.

Tell us about your successes :

This question commits me, hahaha there are people that I cannot reveal to whom I have attended. But I can mention Jeison Murillo, Rafa Mir, Carlos Baute, Yasmin Marrufo, Servando Y Florentino Primera, Oscarcito, and many more people. I cannot forget either and thank all the collaborations I have had with: Andis Spain, Mendieta Barber, Ismael D´Marin, Álvaro Galasa, Refugiados Sin Frontera, Córtate Madrid Alcorcón, baranda Barbers, Bravo, Alberto Dugarte Institute, We Color Spain, JQ Barber, and if I forget some, forgive me hahaha. In short, each one of them has truly been a unique experience.

Did you face any problems and difficulties on the way to progress? Or was the path always easy for you?

Nothing is easy. I would lie to you if I told you everything has been perfect. I have had many struggles and many battles. I have fallen on the way, but I have been able to get up. When you learn to turn a deaf ear to the ghosts of insecurity, everything becomes more accessible. You get strong, lace up your boots and keep going.

You are now the owner of a hairdressing salon and training academy for students in this field, tell us about your activity in the academy as a teacher and group leader :

This question makes me tremendously proud because it really fills me with great emotion to see all my boys and girls training at the Academy. the academy is undoubtedly a space full of learning that presents professional programs based on theoretical and practical knowledge that allow them to be trained efficiently in the world of barbering. We have barbershop courses at different levels, colorimetry, trends, reinforcements, intensive, and braids, among others. All are focused on commitment and educational excellence. I think my goal has always been clear: I want the Rosy Frontado Academy to be a training ground for many people. My commitment is to provide quality education, excellent training, and the necessary resources so that all students can excel in today’s world of work.

Dear Rosy, what is your goal for the future?

My goal is my present, to continue improving, continue evolving and perfect myself every day. I tell my students, that I don’t stop studying. There is no day that I come home and do not stop

What advice do you have for those who just started this profession?

Perseverance. I’m here to tell you that it won’t be anything but easy, but just because it’s not easy, it’s interesting. When you fight for what you want, stand up and show who you are, everything else is a piece of cake. You will meet negative people, setbacks, and disappointments, and you will also meet wonderful people and events along the way. The secret is to filter and put in the backpack of success everything that adds up.