Nabi Salehi

🇬🇧 Mr. Nabi Salehi is the founder of A&N Style Hair Salon in London, England. Growing up in a family of barbers, He started cutting hair at the age of 12. Although you can learn anything at an early age, hairdressing was something that Nabi was most interested in. He became good by practicing in this profession. In light of this, in 2011, with hard work and persistence, he managed to break the world record for the most consecutive haircuts in 24 hours by one person. This record is 526 by Nabi Salehi from A&N Style hair studio in London, England. He was able to raise a total of £3200 for the royal hospital for Neuro disability in Putney.Moreover, 10 years on and now has its own VIP room in Richmond, London. Performing haircuts of high caliber, yet again with persistence and speed.