Liam Fraser

Barbering for 5 years now, Liam Fraser was born and raised in the Scottish Borders. Not traditionally trained but has learned his skills through hard work and pushing boundaries with his loyal followers, with many others joining his journey to where he currently shows his skills at BLOX Barbers in Leith, Edinburgh. Blox Barbers is a thriving and busy shop with some of the top Barbers in “Scotland”, where he loves the challenge to excite the potential of anyone who sits in his chair. Not a barber that wants to be limited to one cutting style he loves to incorporate all styles and techniques of barbering into his work, continually striving to add more skills to his game. Liam was never going to be satisfied being a day-to-day barber but is continually pushing his boundaries and skills to see what he can achieve for the client, himself, and the industry, using the talent of his natural ability and eye to see what can be created outside the norm (its what others can’t see that sets us apart!) Always keen to take himself outside his comfort zone and openly engage with others within the industry to learn and develop something new. His collaboration work is growing in notoriety and exposure, always keen to work alongside others to create fresh new social media content.