Leando Gonzalez


🇦🇷 I was born in Corral de Bustos on 05/16/93, I am 28 years old. I started working as a Barber at the age of 21 after being fired from what I thought was a lifelong job. 7 years have passed since I completely dedicated myself to this profession, I had many national and international coaches, I won 2 professional Barbering competitions in which I participated alone, I conducted seminars all over Argentina, and as An online coach, I traveled everywhere. In Latin America, I represented Argentina at an international congress held online by Peru. I held one of the biggest barbering events in the country, enjoyed the support of leading brands in the market, and traveled to Europe at the end of the year to present my knowledge. In 2022, at the Gold Barber Ardwards, I was selected as the best Argentine Barber and the best Argentine coach by the best brands on the market, where the best of my country were present.