Laurence Edmonds

Laurence Edmonds has been a barber for four years and has now launched his own company known as Laurie Thomas Co. Men’s Hair & Well-being. He cuts, colors, styles, photographs and edits all of his own work and wishes to teach all these aspects of barbering to others in the industry. Laurence has a 100% 5-star review service within his company and will continue to do so. His objective is to promote men’s mental health and well-being, giving a place for the male community to come and have a conversation about whatever is on their mind, so that they leave looking better on the outside but also feel better on the inside. Laurence was awarded the Top 100 internationally for the “Fade” award, been showcased in magazines such as The Barber Magazine and BarberEvo. He has a publication coming out, a new shop on the horizon, and is starting to perform seminars teaching his skills and mindset to students. His job is to show that no matter what age you are or where you are from, you can do whatever you put your mind to. Laurence is up against talented barbers that are way older and more experienced than him but is achieving the same as them because of his effort, work ethic, and creativity.