Joe Pavone

My name is Joe Pavone better known as “Joe The Barber”, depending on who you ask. I am a 21-year-old barber from Myrtle Beach SC. I started my barber career a little over a year ago when I lost my grandfather. He and my great-grandfather are the main inspiration for why I do what I do. My great-grandfather cut hair back in the mid-1900s. He cut for a bunch of celebrities at the time. Such as famous boxers & even the Rockettes. My inspiration is to carry on his legacy and excel in it in ways no one could ever imagine. Over this past year, I’ve had the privilege to cut beside one of the best, VicBlends. As well as becoming a barber for rapper, Kevin Powers in just a year. And just recently launched a barbershop podcast called, “In The Cut.” I am currently a brand ambassador for Anti-Broke Barbers Club & Hunt & Hustle. I have aspirations for opening my own shop one day and leading the youth in doing whatever they want in life.