How To Tutorial The Mode


Wet the hair and comb in a slicked-back position. Centre part to crown and pick up you first section. Using the clipper over finger technique with the WAHL Genio Pro, start front to crown ensuring that the front remains the longest. This will remain the profile guide.

Using the same technique follow the guide from the profile guide, working with the same pattern to the transitional area or till you reach a 90-degree angle from the sides. This will be done on both sides.


Using the WAHL All-In-One blade on setting 3, start from the sides in the transition area and peel back towards the nape allowing your hand to naturally follow the curve of the head. Repeat this process till you reach the bottom hairline of the sides and back.

From the crown, join up the sides peeling downwards to the nape.


The hair should be back to our starting point and be all pushed back. Section from temple to ear and push the section below forward using clipper over comb.

Create the fade by starting with a 0.5 on the WAHL Magic Clip Cordless, creating a 1cm guide at the bottom, working from short to long by graduating up the guards in increments.


With the WAHL Beret trimmer, strengthen the hair line from the temple down, use the same technique around the ear then behind the ear.

Curve the trimmer to join the longer back area to create a strong outline


Once the hair has been blow-dried into style use the WAHL All-In-One blade on setting 1 to feather the nape hair to add texture.