How To Style Your Moustache

If you’re growing a moustache this month, the good news is it will rarely be seen in public thanks to face masks, so you’ll have some time to perfect this style! While it might remain incognito temporarily, you’ll still want it to look it’s best when it’s revealed.

With this in mind, we’ve put together 3 tips from professional barber and Wahl Global Artistic Director, Simon Shaw, on how to grow, shape and maintain a moustache like a true hero this November:


To start growing the perfect moustache you should leave the length and growth for at least 7 to 10 days depending on how quickly the hair grows. Make sure you’re keeping it clean with the WAHL Beard Shampoo and moisturised with WAHL Beard Oil during this growth period. Once you reach this point, shave around your moustache to make it stand out and give you confidence to continue! Lastly, if you have any grey popping through there are temporary colours available which you can use to strengthen your moustache.


Keeping your moustache looking good whilst doing your bit for mankind needs the closeness of the WAHL Aqua Blade beard trimmer! The great thing is that it has a close cutting blade for defining the shape of your moustache, with 16 guide combs that will help you create the perfect length. It’s fully washable too, so you can use it wet or dry.


A key piece of advice would be to keep it tight regularly! Make sure your picking up your WAHL Aqua Blade at least weekly to edge and tidy. If it gets out of shape it’s harder to regain the desired look. Also, on your next trip to the barbershop make sure you ask for a line up to make it extra sharp.