By Carl Taylor at Murdock London

Step 1

Remove bulk on top using the Wahl Super Taper open with the #3 guard. Ensure you go with the grain. I used a 1.5 guard open on the sides again with the grain to Remove bulk on the sides with a#1.5 guard, going with and against the grain to create an even surface.

Step 2

Create your guideline with the Wahl Beret trimmer, keeping the hairline longer at the front for a more defined sharper shape up.

Step 3

Use the Wahl Magic Clip Cordless open with no guard (0.5) and allow for space between the guideline to blend with the blade closed (0). Begin blending between the 0 and 0.5 with the taper arm half open (0.25).

Step 4

Blend your 0.5 and 1.5 with a 1 guard and taper arm open. Go with the grain first to remove any excess bulk, then blend against the grain. Refine the fade by using the corner of the blade just to take out any darker areas without pushing the line up. Connect the #3 with the #1.5 using the #2 guard open. Go with and against the grain for a smooth finish.

Step 5

Shape-up with the Wahl Beret trimmer, staring at the front of the hairline and working through the middle and towards the hair line around the sides.

Step 6

Use the Wahl Shave Razor to create a nice crisp sharp shape up, again, starting at the front of the hairline and then working towards the edges and then the side.

Step 7

Style with oil and use a curl sponge in a rotational motion to get the tight curls on top.