How to cut hair at home

Home hair cutting can be easy! There are many reasons why you might choose to cut your hair at home; convenience, cost effectiveness or maybe just a desire to DIY. Here’s our guide to home hair cutting:


You might just be considering a way to keep your hair tidy between trips to the barbers or hairdressers. How much you need to do this will vary depending on your hair type. Straight hair tends to grow out on the sides, you may notice that the shape of your haircut starts to look round. Usually, this is around 2 weeks after your haircut. To tackle this, use a clipper with the same number attachment comb as your original haircut. If you have curlier hair, you can usually get away with just tidying up your neckline and sideburns between haircuts.

The Neckline

1.Use your Wahl trimmer or clipper with taper levels in the closest position.

2.Using the trimmer or the clipper in the normal, upright position, run it in an upward direction on the back of the neck to eliminate the growth. Use a mirror or your touch to make sure no patches have been left behind.


1.It’s easiest to trim the sideburns if they’re damp.

2.Comb your sideburns in the direction of growth.

3.Using your trimmer or clipper with the blades in the closest setting, use an inverted position and gently apply to sideburn. Cut in a downward direction to reach desired shape of sideburn tips.

Ear Arch

1.Use your trimmer or the inverted clipper technique to tidy up the area above and behind the ear.

2.When working over the ears, it’s often easier to bend down the ear so it’s out of the way for quick trimming.

3.Shape the hairline with a steady, single-direction motion.


You may find it easier to start by doing your own touch-ups on your hair and then ease into a full haircut as this will build up your confidence in using hair clippers. These 3 styles are recommended if you’re just getting started with home haircutting and want a something that’s easy to achieve. When it comes to cutting your own hair, you need to persevere as the more practice you have the better you will get.

How you need to cut your hair will vary depending on your hair length and texture. For example, if your hair is long and straight or short and curly will determine where you start the haircut. For all hair types, start by washing your hair.

Your chosen clipper will usually come with attachment combs. These will be numbered #1, #2, #3 and so on, the lower the number the shorter the hair it will leave. Choose the attachment comb based on the length you want to cut to.

Shaved Head

This will require regular upkeep to maintain, however it’s the easiest style to achieve yourself. When choosing a clipper, make sure you get one that will cut closest. You will be looking to leave hair no longer than 0.4mm. You could use either a cordless or corded clipper for this.

1.Use your clipper with the taper level at its closet position. Using an upward, rocking motion, cut the sides and back of the head, rotating the clipper head as you change sides. Use careful, fluent strokes and a mirror as your guide.

2.Now focus on the top of the head, running the clipper in smooth, straight strokes from front to back. Run the clipper over the same spots, if necessary.

3.Finally, use your shaver to completely shave the head. Use a mirror to check for missed spots.

4.Repeat the process every few days

Buzz Cut

An easy low-maintenance choice for many, especially those that lead an active lifestyle.

1.Using your clipper, select an attachment guard for the desired length you’d like to achieve. The higher the number, the longer the cut. Using an upward motion and start cutting the sides and back of the head.

2.Once the back and sides are done, move on to the top of the head. From front to back, run the clipper in smooth, straight strokes across the top. If you see unwanted cut lines, go back and blend with an upward motion.

3.To touch up the sides, take your time and use concise strokes. You can always use the ear trim guides to build your confidence around your ears.

4.Using your trimmer or the inverted clipper technique, clean up the neckline with careful, concise strokes for tight, straight lines.

Crew Cut

1.Dampen the hair and comb it out.

2.Select your clipper’s appropriate attachment guard for the desired length. Start in front of the right ear and cut the hair in sections 1, 2 and 3. Be sure to cut the hair at the nape of the neck.

3.Blend the hair from section 3 to section 4 by moving the clipper straight up.

4.To cut the hair in section 4, hold the hair straight up and use the technique that you are most comfortable with, such as clipper-over-fingers to shorten the hair. Cut the top of the head from front to back.

5.To complete the look, trim the sideburns, around the ears and neckline using the inverted clipper technique or with a trimmer.