Dee Biberian

Address : Unit 4 Keynsham works
Keynsham Street
Phone Number : 07388219091
Instagram Acount : DeeBiberian

Dee Biberian fell into barbering about 5 years ago pretty much by accident. After spending the previous 15 years working as a professional musician, mainly doing session work as a drummer he had already gained an obsession for creativity. He was asked to work at a local barbershop he had been getting trims but didn’t have any experience. Also with 2 young kids at the time, he realized music wasn’t a sustainable career anymore and welcomed a new challenge. He was introduced to the London School of Barbering and booked onto the next available course. LSB and mainly his teachers became a huge inspiration for him and quickly got to grips with the techniques and theory. He won a couple of awards at the college and realized that this was what he wanted to do. After graduating LSB with honors he went straight into a job at that very same barbershop and quickly built up a client base. He then moved on to another shop becoming the shop manager and continued to grow. At the start of 2020, he was given an opportunity to open his own shop in his hometown of Cheltenham and jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately March of that year Covid-19 hit and had a major setback on his plans to open a shop. This didn’t stop him though and after the first lockdown-July 2020, Dee opened his first shop in the Montpellier district of Cheltenham called BiberianGray. Within the first 4 months of opening BiberianGray got to the final 6 of the Wahl Barbershop of the Year award. Dee continued to battle the setbacks that Covid threw at small businesses and pushed on through. In September 2022 Dee decided to rebrand and move his shop out of the town centre of Cheltenham and create a studio Barbershop named Biberian Barbers. Since then he placed second in the Hair and Beauty Awards category for Barber of the Year and Biberian Badbers has become the number one rated barbershop in Cheltenham on Booksy.

Dee wants to open more shops and build on his brand in the future. He has an amazing team around him, Olly Shilling only being 20 years old having worked for him for a year and a half fresh out of college has now become one of the best barbers in Cheltenham who’s very much in demand. Martha McNulty has now become a big member of the team having also joined straight from college and brings a unique, bubbly, and passionate side to the team.

Dee’s style is the perfect blend of old and new. He loves pushing the boundaries of both and blending classic cuts with modern techniques. He takes inspiration from the greats- Cal Newsome, Jay Roberts, Sam Rascals, and Josh Lamonaca. He also loves the OG’s like Johnny Baba and Slider Cuts.

Dee is very fortunate to work in a town that has many talented barbers who he looks up to, Oscar Mendoza and Matty Dickinson are two of his favourites that continue to inspire him.

“Shout out to barbershop global for being the best agent out there and just one of the nicest blokes in the industry”