David Naughton

As I step into my 40th year in 2024, I’m David Naughton Melbourne-based hairstylist with an unwavering passion for precision in the art of Barbering!
I find myself reflecting on a journey into the world of Barbering that has been nothing short of extraordinary. Born in Peterborough and now proudly calling Melbourne home, I navigate this vibrant industry with the unwavering support of my beautiful wife and son, who provide me with both purpose and motivation.
My passion for hairdressing is deeply rooted in the influences that have shaped my path. From my mum, whose hairstyling finesse left an indelible mark on me, to my best friend Kieran Hanley, a remarkable talent in the industry and a member of the Fame Team Australia 2014. It was Kieran’s connections and encouragement that ignited me for hairstyling, propelling me into a world of creativity and
Life’s twists and turns, including battles with anxiety and depression, have become stepping stones for my artistic evolution. Since picking up the scissors in March 2022, I’ve been on an unstoppable quest for knowledge, immersing myself in learning and setting ambitious goals for 2024.
In this transformative journey, Eoin McCarthy and Leigh Winsor from One Zero One Education have played a pivotal role. Their online courses have been a constant source of inspiration and knowledge, shaping my understanding of the industry. Attending their three-day course in Melbourne was a game-changer, providing me with hands-on experiences and insights that have elevated my skills and mindset.
The mentorship and guidance from Eoin and Leigh have been instrumental in refining my technique, honing my creative vision, and fostering a deep appreciation for the art of barbering. Precision is the cornerstone of my craft, and I draw inspiration from industry luminaries like the Menspire lads – Josh Lamonaca, Samuel Palmer, and Patrick Browne.
Their mastery fuels my commitment to excellence, evident in my keen eye for detail and dedication to the art of barbering.
One of my recent encounters that left a lasting impression was with Ben Kane, a true leader in the industry. His transformative impact resonates deeply with me, serving as a source of inspiration as I strive to make my mark in the world of Barbering.
Now, on the brink of 2024, I’m setting ambitious goals of combining my photography skills with the art of barbering and taking on “AMBA 24”