Cristian Martin

Welcome! Today we’d like to introduce you to Cristian Martin aka Elevated Barber out of the United States. Growing up in San Jose, California it’s easy to discover creative outlets and cultured flair. Cristian is no exception to the eclectic influences of his hometown. He has been on the path to success for close to 9 years where he continues to elevate his career amongst the best in the beauty industry by showcasing his artistic talent, charismatic energy, and hospitable expertise. In his early years, Cristian was heavily inspired and influenced by his parents. Witnessing his mother and father work hard to open successful businesses to provide for their family, taught him the importance of having discipline and a strong work ethic. You can truly feel the passion and love he puts into his craft with every haircut, every conversation, every single time.
When not putting hair on the floor, Cristian enjoys time with his plants while relaxing at home.
A lover of music, he often attends live performances from his favorite artists and travels whenever the opportunity strikes.
Elevated Barber isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle… Cristian Martin is a true example of manifestation having opened his barber studio, taught hair classes, and also created his barber apparel he continues to plant those creative seeds while finding inspiration daily from everything around him. Today, Cristian is a proud member of Barber Theory in Denver, Colorado where he resides and serves his community. In an industry where exceeding standards and being unique sets you apart, Cristian is constantly innovating while learning in depth about newer trends and the future of hairstyles.
He aspires to one day become a motivational speaker/ educator to continue to help pave the road to excellence for newer generations to come.