Sam The Barber

I’m Sam, also known as Sam the Barber. I am a barber from the West Midlands, England who was quite literally born into the industry. Having both parents as barbers you would think cutting hair was my first career choice, but no, my heart was set on pursuing a university course. In other words, abandoning my creative dream. Whilst on my uni journey I was also in pursuit to find myself and realized I was much further away from who I wanted to be. Change needed to happen. After becoming a uni dropout, I needed to venture into an industry where I could be creative, self-reliant, motivated, and most importantly, happy. Being brought up from a young age in barber shops I must’ve picked up a lot of knowledge subconsciously throughout the years because I took to it very quickly. I’m currently in my third year in the industry and currently running one of the family barber shops ‘Brits Kenilworth’ and loving every moment of it. I believe I’ve achieved a lot in the short time of my career. I’ve built such an amazing clientele full of reliable, fun, and exciting people. My engagement on social media is consistently accelerating and ‘YOU’ reading this is proof of the positive correlation. My skill set is constantly growing, my eagerness to grow and learn never stops and I am just truly excited to see where this will take me. I have many goals that I would like to succeed in my career. Running a shop is one and successfully I am doing so. But for now, growing and developing as a barber is my main focus as being the best, I can be for myself and my family.