Gleb Morozov


🇷🇺 My name is Gleb Morozov, I am 30 years old, I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.
I have been doing hairdressing for about five years and during this time I managed to participate in various competitions.
Become the best young barber in Russia in 2018 and international barber of the year 2021 in the ProBarber World series.
Since 2020, I have been an international teacher and my educational products have proven themselves in different countries.
I also develop my own independent hairdressing brand Zaebis haircuts, which is recognized all over the world, its mission is to create modern designs, as well as a modern interpretation of classic haircuts, taking into account modern knowledge about the construction of haircut geometry.
My work is inspired by architecture, the fashion industry, and design, as well as a detailed study of haircutting techniques.